power consumption

  1. D

    powerd vs hwpstate_intel on a CPU with Intel Speed Shift

    My desktop computer has an Intel CPU that supports Intel Speed Shift. # sysctl dev.cpufreq.0.freq_driver dev.cpufreq.0.freq_driver: hwpstate_intel0 If the computer is using the hwpstate_intel driver, does it mean that the computer has no need to run powerd? Does it mean that I should remove...
  2. D

    How to disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth device

    My desktop computer has an "Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth M.2 combo card", which I have no use for (I have a wired connection). I would like to completely disable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth card. How do I configure that in FreeBSD 13.2? Would I be able to reduce energy consumption...
  3. dr3mro

    Tweaking Power Consumption

    I have Thinkpad x250 with freeBSD 13.1 RC4 with most of tweaks I could find online and in man pages enabled but I cannot get my power consuption below 5.5W even with all those tweaks and I am using BSPWM for comparison MS windows 10 uses 7 watt with all bloat running and UBUNTU 22.04 GNOME 42...
  4. goshanecr

    How to change power consumption of AMD \ NVidia cards?

    Good day Friends! There is a often situation when PC which acts as server has a minimal video card (NVidia GT710, etc). And all what needs from VCard are - initial setup screens. But when server works that cards are hot, and also I see it stops working. So my question: Is it a way to down...
  5. M

    Get current CPU power consumption as a single reading

    On a 12.1-RELEASE system, I can use sysutils/powermon to display the current power use of the chosen CPU package. As per the powermon man page, "The powermon utility reads the CPU internal power counters, calculates the current power consumption and displays it on a nice curses interface." Is...
  6. jdb

    Server power consumption issue (powerd, speedstep, Intel Xeon)

    Hey guys :) I am having issues with the power consumption of my server. Its higher than normal (30-35 watts higher) and the fans are spinning at mid speed (when idling and with a CPU Load between 0.0% and 0.8%). I never had these problems with 11.2-RELEASE. OS: FreeBSD 12.0-STABLE[/I]...