1. rafael_grether

    Poudriere options - Something changed?

    Hi guys! Recently I installed FreeBSD 14.0 on my system. So I installed poudriere-devel. When I ran poudriere options -c -j jpoudriere -p HEAD www/apache24, I got: [00:00:18] Error: No such port: www/apache24 Poudriere bulk is working fine, but "poudriere options" I get this error with any...
  2. Lord Bung

    Solved Does the poudriere bulk -b parameter actually do anything?

    I've been learning and playing around with poudriere for about a week now. The last bulk build I used -b latest with the command thinking it would greatly reduce the number of packages poudriere would need to build and consequently, the amount of time needed to build whatever packages weren't...
  3. Sivan!

    Pool and Jail in Poudriere

    While getting started with Poudriere I edited the poudriere.conf file to say zpool=mypool (dumb. It probably denotes a pool that I am supposed to have set up with my name) following instructions from https://github.com/freebsd/poudriere/wiki/pkg_repos and on the next terminal commands, I find...
  4. Alain De Vos

    poudriere-devel binary package prefetch whitelist.

    I want poudriere-devel to blacklist all binary packages, offcourse except for one package where the build faild on my system. Can this be done and how ? So build every port listed from source except download one package it should blindly fetch binary into the build jails without caring too much...