porting software

  1. nxjoseph

    Solved Trying to port Universal Android Debloater

    Hello. There is a tool called "Universal Android Debloater" and it is meant for debloating Android phones. I'm trying to port it but I am getting some errors. The program is written in Rust completely, so i thought it would be easy to port it but i guess there are some libraries/features being...
  2. Steffen

    Solved man page in Makefile

    Hello, I am creating a new port. The program is written in Go and the source has a man page (1). You can find it here: https://github.com/steffenfritz/mxcheck I wrote a Makefile, make stage and make stage-qa are working without problems, everything's in place, i.e. the binary is in...
  3. N

    Reuse UIDs and GIDs

    I am working on some ports that will run game servers that have custom rc daemons scripts are made to avoid the process running as root for some basic security. I read the handbook and get how to add them so that isnt a problem however I see that there is only 949 slots available (this ignores...
  4. M

    Signal-Desktop / deltachat-desktop App

    I have just seen that neither the signalapp / Signal-Desktop nor the deltachat-desktop app has been ported to FreeBSD yet. Has anyone already taken a look if it's possible or to run the (Debian-based) Linux binary? Or to run the Windows app with Wine? P.S. I'm not using FreeBSD (waiting for...
  5. M

    signalapp / Signal-Desktop

    I was just wondering if someone would be interested in porting signalapp / Signal-Desktop or if there is specific reason why it hasn't been ported yet (Linux only?). P.S. I'm not using FreeBSD (waiting for 13.0 RELEASE to go onto my new laptop) or Signal yet, nor am I a developer, so this is...
  6. D

    Various forms of logging in rc.d scripts

    Hi, I do not know where the right place to bring this up is and I hope that someone picks it up. Something that I have been noticing for a while now is that port maintainers implement different ways of logging, when the software doesn't take care of logging itself. This sometimes causes issues...
  7. F

    Solved Steps from source code to tar.gz

    I want to know what to do from having a program (all of the file)on GitHub to building and compiling with cc on FreeBSD. What is source code? And how do I get from that to an executable and start a program?
  8. A

    Using lemonbar with xft support

    Hey guys, I know there is already a FreeBSD port for Lemonbar, however it does not support xft fonts. I'd like to get support (most likely through the githubfork here: https://github.com/drscream/lemonbar-xft). However, I keep getting errors like the one down the bottom when trying to compile...
  9. H

    Solved Trying to port python-vlc : trouble during the build phase

    Hello everyone, I am trying to port python-vlc to FreeBSD (in order to port castero, a nice TUI podcast client). Here is my Makefile. # $FreeBSD$ PORTNAME= vlc PORTVERSION= 3.0.6108 CATEGORIES= python PKGNAMEPREFIX= ${PYTHON_PKGNAMEPREFIX}...
  10. Pander

    Building new spell checker

    We are developing a new spell checker Nuspell. This a pure C++ implementation and the successor to Hunspell, while supporting existing Hunspell language files. Nuspell is supported by Mozilla and will find its way into browsers, text editors and IDEs, but it has also a shared library and command...
  11. poorandunlucky

    What's "porting software"? What's involved?

    What's "porting software"? I've not done much programming other than putting #INCLUDE <stdio.h> into a file called helloworld.h and write #INCLUDE helloworld.h and printf("hello world"); into a file called helloworld.c, and run cc helloworld.c, and then ./a.out (and even then I forgot a...