1. iyoti

    PF Bare minimum to block everything and forward web to service running on *:8080?

    Hi everyone! What would be the bare minimum pf.conf I would need to block everything and forward any web requests on port 80 to a service running on *:8080? I've had a hunt through the forum but there doesn't seem to be an answer I can get working on my machine.
  2. F

    Intermediate IP address

    Hi devs ! I had an idea about how can I reduce my costings but now I need someone who help me translating my idea into PF/IPFW rules. I would like to buy a cheap dedicated server unprotected against DDoS and a VPS protected anti-DDoS. I would like to host on dedicated server few games (udp...
  3. Kay

    Best way to allow ssh connection just for reverse port forwarding

    So here's my scenario. * I have a home server (HostB) which is completely within my control. * I have an off-site machine that can potentially be physically accessed by other people I don't trust (HostA). I want to do off-site backups (encrypted of course) via `duplicity` from HostB to...
  4. aragats

    Solved Simple VPN: need an advice

    What would be the easiest way to provide access to the "End devices" on the picture? I need accessing just a few TCP/IP ports. I can use SSH port forwarding, maybe using security/autossh to make it persistent (in pfSense?). Would it be reliable? A fully functional VPN maybe an overkill for this...
  5. n9010

    IPFW Port-range forwarding

    Hello, i'm trying to forward a range of ports via ipfw, as the man states the syntax should be: With the TCP and UDP protocols, optional ports may be specified as: {port|port-port|port:mask}[,port[,...]] So i've set the following rule: add 018500...
  6. B

    IPFW ipfw nat stateful redirect of a port

    Hello everyone! I have few network services running in jailed configuration on a server, and I use ipfw to protect the server against possible attacks, and to provide its local clients with access to internet. The goal I want to achieve is redirection of some ports of jailed services to the...
  7. M

    Port forward for ssh and apache24

    I've already port forwarded from Port 22 to be able to ssh into my server from anywhere, which works. Is this sufficient for a web server or would I also need to Port forward from Port 80 for a web server?
  8. M

    How to properly forward all traffic through VPN in 11? (port forwarding)

    I have FreeBSD 11 on a server where I've installed OpenVPN and I need to setup VPN properly to be able to put internet traffic through it. I can't connect to the internet anymore from my local computer after I've established a connection with my server via VPN. I guess the issue is port...