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    PF Port forwarding over VPN over PF

    Hello. I need to open a port on my Freebsd desktop. there is a VPN server on Linux, everything is configured there. when I connect to a VPN with the firewall turned off on the local host, the port is open when I comment on the line block all in the enabled PF. The port is also opening. But what...
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    IPFW IPFW In-Kernel NAT Port forwarding question

    cat <<EOF> /root/ipfw #!/bin/sh kldload ipfw_nat ipfw -q -f flush ipfw -q nat 1 config if em0 redirect_port tcp Public_IP_address:22 2222 ipfw -q add 10 nat 1 ip from any to any ipfw -q add 00100 allow all from any to any via lo0 ipfw -q add 00200 allow icmp from any to any ipfw -q add 00300...