1. Ome Ko

    Quick and dirty IMAP(-UW) server

    Everybody (even me) is using dovecot nowadays, but for a quick and dirty config-free IMAP installation on my homenetwork with sendmail I still prefer IMAP-UW. Since the source is getting harder to find everyday and may be lost forever in the near future, I linked the 3 (too big to attach) files...
  2. gpw928

    Fetchmail and sendmail for Google Gmail account

    Hi, Has anyone got fetchmail configured to fetch mail from a gmail account (POP3 or IMAP)? If, so I'd really appreciate some advice, and a look at the .fetchmailrc file. Beyond that, teaching sendmail to post to Google's SMTP servers is the next project, so any advice on that subject would...
  3. T

    Solved pop3s failure (qpopper, SeaMonkey, Apple Mail)

    Attempting to retrieve email via qpopper with TLS/SSL (pop3s on port 995, plain text password) enabled using the SeaMonkey and Apple Mail mail clients fails with the qpopper log showing the same failure mode: Apr 11 22:47:24 shadow qpopper[56980]: OpenSSL error during handshake Apr 11 22:47:24...