1. M

    jails Unexpected behavior with Jail on Plex

    I am on 13.2 FreeBSD. I use Bastille to create the jail. I used ix1 as my interface. ix0 is the 'LAN' host interface. I can reach the http://<ip>:32400/web interface and configure all that. However, when I play something it doesn't seem to play. From what I gather is that it might be...
  2. B

    plexmediaserver refuses to start

    So I created a jail with the following config options: plex { path = "usr/jail/plex"; exec.start = "/bin/sh /etc/rc"; exec.stop = "/bin/sh /etc/rc.shutdown"; exec.clean; allow.nomount; mount.devfs; host.hostname = "$name.jail.plex"; mount.fstab =...
  3. hakova

    Nvidia hardware accelaration for Plex server

    Hi all, I found an older post about this topic in this forum and wanted to check if anybody was able make any progress about this. Basically, I have a FreeBSD VM that serves my Plex-plexpass server wonderfully. I truly have no complaints about the performance and responsiveness of it, which I...
  4. jakobbg

    ZFS 48TB ZFS, 64GB RAM, Ryzen 3900X for Plex 4k: What can be tuned/optimized?

    Hi all! I've got a new server which is going to work as a file server, web server and transcoding 4k content-oriented Plex server, all running on 4x 16TB Seagate X16 drives in RAID-Z. I'm just wondering about tuning. Swap, ZFS, stuff like that. What can be wise to change from defaults? Running...
  5. G

    kwatcher & Plex

    Hello, I'm running FreeNAS with a Plex server running on it, and I've run into an issue where in some of my libraries it finds new titles, but then seems to remove them from the library, and stay at a static numbero f titles in that library despite there being more. For instance one library does...
  6. F

    Solved NAT attribution, I Guess ?

    Hello everyone, I'm new in the word of FreeBSD and more on firewall ... I'm struggle with building a good pf.conf in order to run plex media server inside a jail. I don't know if I'm in the right topic, but after many try I guess is due to pf rules. So here is my /etc/rc.conf...
  7. A

    New port request

    I have cut the cord to cable-tv, and replaced that with recording tv with an over the air recording device. I serve all that content with my FreeBSD/plex media server. AWESOME combination!! One thing is missing; the ability to extract the closed captioning information and make it available to...