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  1. F

    Black Screen and Cross-cursor after login (FreeBSD / KDE5)

    Hello ! I have a problem that has been turning my head for 1 day ... That's all, I tried to install FreeBSD on a VMWare virtual machine. I want to install KDE5. My installations and configurations: -xorg -kde5 -sddm sysrc dbus_enable="YES" sysrc hald_enable="YES" sysrc sddm_enable="YES" I...
  2. D

    Both KDE and sddm missing complete bottom bar

    Hi, I'm just trying to get into BSD coming from Arch and tried to setup KDE and sddm to get a nice GUI. Unfortunately, after I installed the packages plasma5-plasma-desktop, kde-baseapps and sddm, the system behaved very strange upon reboot: The complete bottom bar of sddm (to select window...
  3. Argentum

    Solved KDE Plasma Log Out problem

    Hello, Just yesterday I upgraded my KDE Plasma desktop to new version 5.19.0 using portupgrade -R. After updating I have problems logging out (get KCrash Handler error) - Application: kwin_x11 (kwin_x11), signal: Segmentation fault [KCrash Handler] #7 0x0000000803282d1f in...
  4. A

    Plasma Desktop on Hyper-V

    Hello. I'm trying to get FreeBSD on virtual machine with modern Desltop GUI. I'm trying using Hyper-V instead of VirtualBox because of after update FreeBSD from 12.0 up to 12.1 the mouseclicks doesn't work anymore even with VB guest additions. I've install FreeBSD 12.0 on Hyper-V and upgrade it...