1. oscar

    Can't bootstrap pkg from poudriere due to pkg.txz.pubkeysig named pkg.pkg.pubkeysig

    I've recently setup poudriere (using this guide) on my 13.0-RELEASE system. But, when trying to bootstrap pkg in a new jail, I got an error message that pkg.txz.pubkeysig is missing. There was a pkg.pkg.txz.pubkeysig in the right folder, and after symlinking pkg.txz.pubkeysig to...
  2. V

    pkgng archives for EOL releases (8,9) not being provided?

    For some personal interest reasons, I attempted to install FreeBSD 8 in a VM. When I try to pkg update it, it says is 404ed. homepage listed versions 8 and 9, but all mirrors of them give me a 404. And
  3. F

    Solved Applying a patch after pkg install or pkg upgrade

    I have a feeling that I miss the obvious here, but I failed to find an answer in this forum, the handbook or the man pages. Is there a way to (automagically) apply a patch after pkg install or pkg upgrade? The current situation is that I have a script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d that needs tweaking...
  4. F

    Install (and maintain) port with different compile options than pkgng provides

    I am running one installation of FreeBSD 10.1 and I use pkgng exclusively to install software until now. Unfortunately, there is a package that is not compiled with the compile time options I need when installed via pgk(*). If I understand correctly, to achieve my goal to install that software...
  5. amiramix

    Solved Corrupted pkg database?

    root@server:~ # pkg version bash-4.3.42_1 = ca_root_nss-3.20.1 = cpdup-1.17_2 = curl-7.44.0 < cvsps-2.1_1 = expat-2.1.0_3 = gettext- < gettext-runtime- < gettext-tools- < git-2.6.1 < indexinfo-0.2.3 < libffi-3.2.1 = p5-Authen-SASL-2.16_1 =...
  6. R

    Copy/install packages from one to other server

    Are there any proper method to copy already installed packages from one server to other? I've got a bunch of FreeBSD servers (10.1 and 10.2 releases), and sometimes need to setup new one that differs only in some network settings. Currently I do some customized setup script from USB flash with...
  7. dave

    pkg list origins?

    If I have some origins set for pkg using a command like.. # pkg set -o lang/php56:lang/php54 ... then how do I list and manage those settings? I.e. if I have a machine I am not familiar with, how can I check what options have been changed for pkg using the set command?
  8. F

    Solved pkg (pkgng) reports all packages orphaned

    On my pretty fresh install (10.1-RELEASE) I never used anything else than pkgng. It was working great until today. Now, suddenly, pkg version reports all packages as "orphaned". I have found "pkg version reports every package as orphaned when run from non-existant directory" [1] but I am...