1. kodcode

    Cannot resolve * but everything else

    Hello, I am running local_unbound and I can not resolve any of * (all other domains resolved) In my /etc/resolv.conf I have: # nameserver # nameserver nameserver options edns0 and in /var/unbound/forward.conf: # This file was generated by...
  2. A

    What is proper method to create a local mirror of pkg package repositories now that returns 401 when attempting to sync

    Hi Freebsd Forum community, We run a large installation of Freebsd 11 and 12 servers that have historically utilized a local FreeBSD package repository mirror on-premise that we sync periodically. The method we have been using for years -- since the official repositories were poisoned a few...
  3. Hornpipe2

    How do binary packages get added to

    Exactly what the title says. How do binary packages for FreeBSD get built and posted to My question specifically concerns graphics/php56-gd, which has compile-time switches to enable or disable XPM and t1lib support. Enabling these two options pulls in a whole bunch of X11...
  4. Hornpipe2

    "Latest" vs "Quarterly" on

    I thought I'd do some digging on to see why I never got offered any package updates. For reference, here is my /etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf. (I do not have a local copy in /usr/local/etc.) # $FreeBSD: stable/11/etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf 263937 2014-03-30 15:24:17Z bdrewery $ # # To...