pkg search

  1. Del.Mar

    pkg: No packages available to install matching

    Hi mates! Can't find net-im/telegram-desktop with pkg search. root@beast:/home/user # pkg search telegram libqtelegram-ae-6.1_5 Fork of libqtelegram by Aseman Team p5-WWW-Telegram-BotAPI-0.10_1 Perl implementation of the Telegram Bot API py39-python-telegram-bot-13.1_1 Not just a...
  2. vlig

    FreeBSD 12.1 amd64. Packages disappeared from repository

    Hello! I'm on the latest pkg repository. pkg search firefox, telegram-desktop, vlc, chromium produces no result (just 2 choices for chromium, but not the browser). I guess there is much more absence of packages. Where are they??? UPD. I have firefox, but after system updating, it refused to...