pkg repository

  1. jgod

    How do I get install packages into jails from custom Poudriere repo on host?

    I searched first, but can't find an example of this - I must be missing something. I can install packages using a custom repo on the host, using poudriere: $ doas pkg install dokuwiki Password: Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue... FreeBSD repository is up to date. Updating myrepo...
  2. Sergei_Shablovsky

    Bash script to automate installing bunch of packages

    Dear FreeBSD Gurus! Please share bash script to automate installing bunch of packages without any user interaction in a process. Let me write a little bit of details what I need exactly: pkg_autoinstaller_list.txt - text file that contain name of packages that I would to install. Each name in...
  3. E

    Single package repo (...or how to stop building chromium)

    We have a poudriere server that builds all the packages we need on our servers. The port that gives us the most headaches is chromium. We use it with www/selenium to do automated web functionality tests. We've basically given up on maintaining the build, it can take hours to build, even with...
  4. jans

    Input on login screen garbaged after pkg upgrade

    Earlier today, I decided to enable the latest packages (instead of stable) on FreeBSD 12.1 by adding the "pkg+$(ABI)/latest" repository. So I ran a pkg upgrade and rebooted my system. After the reboot, I was unable to log into X, because all keypresses resulted in multiple...
  5. H

    Shell pkg ${ABI} variable

    Hello. I'm curious how pkg determines ABI (if undefined). man 7 pkg states that May you explain how exactly strings such as "freebsd:10:x86:64" are generated? Thanks.
  6. Datance

    Slow package download speeds.

    Greetings! Are 90kB/s-500kB/s speeds expected while downloading packages with pkg? If not, are the geo-ip mirrors for the repositories being properly resolved? I have two FreeBSD installations in central Europe and looks like I am using some remote repository. I found this issue in the forum...
  7. M

    problems with pkg fetch -a to create local mirror

    I'm struggling to create a local mirror, to use when internet access is not available or permitted by hosts, and to store custom packages. The problem is checksum failures which stop the transfer. Some times it runs for a while, but at other times fails on every package. I have tried a smaller...
  8. S

    Create and manage minimal custom repo / update management

    Hello together, i have the following situation : i need to deploy a lot of boxes with freebsd. They will be based on an image. There will be a minimal freebad and some standard software like nginx etc and a custom package i created. So for my own package i think i have to create my own...
  9. I

    Is FreeBSD "pkg" command pointing to latest repository?

    I'm trying to install the current latest version of JDK 8. When I searched on "", I found JDK 8 update 181. And, looking into the "Age" of the files, it was updated only 3 days ago. However, when I search from within FreeBSD using pkg search, I could...
  10. S

    pkg update not working

    When I enter "pkg update -f" command the following results shows Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue... pkg: Repository FreeBSD load error: access repo file(/var/db/pkg/repo-FreeBSD.sqlite) failed: No such file or directory pkg: No...
  11. alx82

    Solved Local repository for specific packages

    Hello, I need to enable a common repository for many FreeBSD servers, for some packages that are compiled with custom patches and options. On the server repository, where I compile the custom packages, I bump the minor version number. I've added the repository to the all servers in...
  12. FKEinternet

    Is python27 updated?

    On May 7, I got a notification in my server's daily security run output that python27 was determined to be vulnerable: Checking for packages with security vulnerabilities: python27-2.7.14_1 Checking for a current audit database: Database created: Sun May 6 02:13:00 EDT 2018 Checking for...
  13. Harmnot

    Pkg install (namepackage) very slow

    I install from pkg and it is very slow, when I install the desktop KDE for 1GB It takes hours, very slow speed. On Linux, it more fast for 1 GB to download I have edited mirror on FreeBSD.conf Pkg0.twn.freebsd.prg (I am in Asia) so I use Taiwan for the closest mirror. Is there any something I...
  14. S

    Poudriere: Build different versions of the same package

    I am using ports-mgmt/poudriere to compile packages with just the options I need. These are then exported via a webserver for FreeBSD clients to download. One of the packages I build is lang/php71 (with lang/php71-extensions and lang/mod_php71). Now I also want to build lang/php70, because some...
  15. T

    py-borgbackup - why isn't the package there?

    The archivers/py-borgbackup port is listed on Freshports as having a package, py36-borgbackup. But when I try to install it, pkg can't find it: root@www# pkg search borg py27-borg.localrole-3.0.2_1 PAS plugin which can manage local roles via an adapter lookup this machine is using the...