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  1. I

    Solved How to download packages for offline installation of a *newer* version of FreeBSD?

    Hello! I have a box running FreeBSD-13, and I'd like to install FreeBSD-14 on another box, which has no internet connection. I don't have any PCs with FreeBSD-14 yet. I have no problem downloading installation image for the FreeBSD-14 base and making an installation flash stick. What I'm stuck...
  2. yaslam

    Solved Offline installation of packages

    Hi everyone, I am a FreeBSD beginner and I have a system that is offline, this means I can't use any online package repo to install packages on said machine. This machine uses the i386 architecture and is on FreeBSD 12.0. Is there a way to download a repository of all the latest binary packages...
  3. N

    Manually Bootstrapping pkg(8) - Missing Packages

    Hi. My first post here and a FreeBSD user since 3.0. I've had to install FreeBSD at a location without Internet access. I manually bootstrapped pkg then updated the repository, all went fine. While at the office (where there is Internet), while I was burning the ISO, I was browsing through the...
  4. S

    Installing a pkg on a offline fresh FreeBSD 12.0 machine

    Hello, I'm fairly new to FreeBSD! I'm trying to install bash on an offline machine so I can use it as my default shell and run my scripts on it. To get the bash pkg installed, I looked up a few ways to install pkgs on a offline machine some suggested using the /usr/ports/distfiles/ with the...
  5. Handy92

    HOWTO: Install binary package without internet acces.

    I read some Topics and I do not find correct solution so, I write own, correctly and working solution. Extenged for my situation. 1. Download IMG, and DVD iso file. 2. Burn IMG to memstick using dd dd if=/path/to/iso of=/path/to/memstick bs=1M conv=sync 3. Install system. 4. Copy DVD1.iso...