1. superdanglyde

    CodeIgniter 4 not working on FreeBSD with PHP, PHP-FPM, Apache, and MySQL

    I have uploaded a CodeIgniter 4 website that's working perfectly fine on web hosting and local server into a FreeBSD server running with PHP, PHP-FPM, Apache, and MySQL. The virtual hosts has been set up to use the 'public' directory as the root. But when accessing the website via the domain...
  2. Sivan!

    Solved Wordpress on F.A.M.P

    Following the php part of this guide at page (to install required packages for wordpress) from #changed this to php80# pkg install php71 php71-mysqli mod_php71 php71-mbstring php71-gd php71-json php71-mcrypt php71-zlib php71-curl...
  3. E

    Solved FreeBSD 13 Apache24 breaks with PHP 8

    I've been unable to find anything on this. I had Apache running just fine with PHP 7.4.25 When I upgraded to PHP 8, I could not get the LoadModule for php8 to load (or find it). FreeBSD Version: 13.0-RELEASE Apache24 Version: Apache/2.4.51 (FreeBSD) PHP Version: PHP 8.0.12 (cli) (built: Oct...