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  1. Alex Seitsinger

    PF WARNING: could not create pflog0

    Greetings! My 13.1 kernel comes included with: device pf options PF_DEFAULT_TO_DROP device pflog But despite this, both of the following commands fail and produce the proceeding errors: /sbin/ifconfig pflog0 create ifconfig: SIOCIFCREATE2: Invalid argument service pflog start /etc/rc...
  2. Understudy

    Solved pflog not logging

    Hello, I recently setup PF to work on a server. Everything seems to be going well except that nothing is showing up in pflog. Here is what I have: root@Spider:~ # uname -r 13.1-RELEASE My /etc/rc.conf/ (partial) ## PF firewall pf_enable="YES" pf_rules="/usr/local/etc/pf.conf"...