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  1. dvl@

    Solved Can't get NAT working with pf on FreeBSD 13.1

    I'm trying to get NAT working in my basement. NAT is running fine on my gateway, but this is another situation. In this post, I'm trying to mix in enough detail without overloading. EDIT: I did get the NAT working. In the end, I did not use it. I have a network in the basement...
  2. L

    PF pf nat rule for a specific user

    Hi everyone, I try to configure a pf nat rule which is only applied on a specific user. Is that possible? Because I always get a syntax error with the following rule: nat log on if1 from self to user myuser -> In the log message I can see that the uid is logged correctly...
  3. tknv

    Solved Under NAT client cannot go out to WAN side network

    I try to make NAT for two LAN network interfaces. But NAT client cannot go out to WAN side network. pf.conf # interfaces wan_if="alc0" wl1_if="wlan1" #, interface wlan1 as Access Point ue0_if="ue0" #, connect to L2 switch lan_if="{" $wl1_if $ue0_if "}"...
  4. D

    Build Onion (TOR) router with high restrictive firewall, and TORs DNS.

    Assumptions: Onion router for web browsing with tor DNS, and unlock 80, and 443 port. What we need: Some time. Some PC or Server or ThinClient, for me is Fuitsu Futro s450 with 2GB of ram and USB LAN adapter, for future is possible to instal into it Network Card at PCI-e or PCI bus. 1. Install...