pf config

  1. Steffen

    PF Tables with persist do not exist

    Hi! I have this in my pf.conf (snippet) [...] table <intranet> { } table <smartnet> { } table <blocklist> persist file "/bla/blocklist_pf" [...] If I load the...
  2. C

    Solved PF NAT on one interface.

    Hello, I have a request. I need to set up NAT on one interface. I am using two addressing schemes in one network: and This was done previously and I cannot change it at the moment. The router, which is based on FreeBSD, has an address of and an alias on...
  3. JozanOfAstora

    PF pf syntax error

    Hi, I am trying to follow this guide: Unfortunately when copying the pf config and starting the daemon (or reloading the config with pfctl -f /usr/local/etc/pf.conf) I get this output: /usr/local/etc/pf.conf:27: syntax...