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    general/other Linux emulation doesn't have permission

    How can I give permission? Errors Sys_Error: could not create destination file /home/dk/.quake4/q4base/ Sys_Error: Unable to create directory "/home/dk/.etwolf", error is Permission denied(13)
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    Help with jail permissions

    Hello, I have a jail set up to test my nginx web server on my local machine and make changes to it before I push. However, I wanted to use a GUI editor from outside the jail to edit the HTML/CSS (which is the main reason I wanted to use a jail). I made perhaps a horrible mistake by recursively...
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    Solved bsdinstall FTP Permission Denied Error

    When I run bsdinstall jail <jailpath> and select a mirror I get: Could not download I click <restart> and and get: Error while fetching
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    Why logging into KDE as standard user can operate a root command?

    I’d to ask a question: why logging into KDE as a standard user (ie. not part of wheel group) is able to successfully execute “poweroff”? To clarify my question: If I boot up and login via command prompt (ie. not a desktop environment) or I ssh into the machine as a standard user, I cannot...
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    Other geli attach and mount for non-root user

    Hello! I am setting up a FreeBSD file server with encrypted storage. The root filesystem is on ZFS and the storage disks are encrypted with GELI with ZFS on top of that. Now I want to make it easy for both me and my wife to mount the pool using a password after the server boots. I have created...
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    FreeBSD policy on hosting img files

    Hi guys I successfully converted a FreeBSD 11 memstick img file to pure MBR format, using the guide in this thread. The only change is I removed system immute files which was missing from his instructions (which would have made a mixture...