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    Solved pci_release_msi fails power management (S3)

    I use the following call sequence to request MSI-X interrupt resource when loading device driver, and it's working: bus_alloc_resource_any(dev, SYS_RES_MEMORY, &rid, RF_ACTIVE) pci_msix_count pci_alloc_msix bus_alloc_resource(dev, SYS_RES_IRQ, &rid, RF_SHAREABLE | RF_ACTIVE) bus_setup_intr...
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    ACPI suspend to ram (s3) fails

    Command used: acpiconf -s 3 The callback function in the driver is invoked as expected. However, free IRQ vector is failing with the following message and ending with a reboot. freebsd-version 12.1-RELEASE $ sysctl hw.acpi.supported_sleep_state hw.acpi.supported_sleep_state: S3 S4 S5 --...