1. A

    p2p VoIP calls. Any software? SIP PBX?

    Until now I've used plain old cellphone when supporting users. Sometimes it turns into many hours of conversations, so I'd like to try any p2p solution. Unfortunately, I can't find anything good enough to fit my requirements: - Should work without 3rd party server (but it's ok to set up my own)...
  2. zirias@

    OpenVox A810 dahdi driver

    Some time ago, I bought an OpenVox A810 PCIe card for my new server, to continue using old POTS phones with IP telephony. Where I bought it, it was claimed to work with Linux and FreeBSD. Unfortunately, I then had to wait very long for my new DSL line at the new home ... now it's too late to...
  3. PacketMan

    Deploying a SIP system - on FreeBSD and Android/Apple devices.

    So I am considering a project for the winter. I want to build my own 'private domain' SIP system for me and me family. I am thinking (dreaming) of a system where my FreeBSD server runs the SIP services, and my various devices provide the SIP clients. I am thinking/hoping I can do VoIP, video...
  4. Ben

    Make /dev mutable in Jail

    Hi, I want to run net/iaxmodem inside a jail to logically separate it from the host. When I try to run it of course it says /dev is not mutable. Is there a way to make it mutable? I had a look at devfs rulesets but couldn't find anything to make it changeable from inside the jail. Maybe you can...