1. zirias@

    OpenVox A810 dahdi driver

    Some time ago, I bought an OpenVox A810 PCIe card for my new server, to continue using old POTS phones with IP telephony. Where I bought it, it was claimed to work with Linux and FreeBSD. Unfortunately, I then had to wait very long for my new DSL line at the new home ... now it's too late to...
  2. PacketMan

    Deploying a SIP system - on FreeBSD and Android/Apple devices.

    So I am considering a project for the winter. I want to build my own 'private domain' SIP system for me and me family. I am thinking (dreaming) of a system where my FreeBSD server runs the SIP services, and my various devices provide the SIP clients. I am thinking/hoping I can do VoIP, video...