partitioning freebsd

  1. M

    Solved Use available space in pool for another pool

    Solved. Thank you guys. Couldn't have done it without your help.
  2. GeorgeK

    How to install over an older system but keep disk partitions?

    Hello, I have an old FreeBSD system (running 9.3-RELEASE) that I would like to update to the latest 12.0. Trying a "live USB" it seems that the new system would work OK. In the current installation I have a specific partitioning scheme on the boot disk (SSD) and several HDDs configured for ZFS...
  3. B

    Problem unknown with pkg

    So, the problem is that my FBSD installation broke down. That happened why one night, I ran pkg upgrade -f I have no idea why, but when I woke up, FreeBSD was, literally, ruined. The system was in a kind of state which is unknown for me. It was stopped in the lines that warn of all connected...
  4. r0g3r

    ZFS how do I create a home partition separate on zfs ?

    hi, how do I create a home partition separate using zfs ?
  5. B

    ZFS ZFS on partitioned disks / reserved space / short stroking

    Hi. Does anybody know of a good solution to set up a guaranteed allocation of physical drive space for a ZFS pool? Ideally I would like my database pool to allocate-from and use only the first third (for example) of the physical sectors of all my drives so that all data lives in the "fast...
  6. C

    Installing FreeBSD 11 along with Windows 10 on to the third part of hardrive

    Hello Everyone, This topic might be little bit weird but I am having problem with the partitioning FreeBSD on my PC. Here is the problem: I have divided my hdd in to 3 parts (but maybe 4 because windows 10 puts the very first part as special booting sector or sth like that). So I have C:\, D:\...