1. sidetone

    ArcticFox as potential Firefox/Palemoon replacement
  2. K

    palemoon, again

    (I posted this on the "palemoon!" thread a while ago, but maybe nobody is reading that any more, so I am re-posting) I'm hoping someone is/are still interested in Pale Moon, I think it's a great browser. I've tried to run the PM 28.6.x and 28.7.x Linux binaries using the linux-c7...
  3. T


    Palemoon on FreeBSD 12 is no longer available in ports or binary packages.
  4. fernandel


    Hi! I am using net-mgmt/synth for install ports and I have a problem with www/palemoon - Phase: extract -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ===> Fetching all distfiles required by palemoon-27.6.1 for building ===> Extracting for palemoon-27.6.1...