1. Abraham79

    Switchable graphics support status in FreeBSD for Intel IGP +AMD DGP

    As common in recent laptops, mine is a HP 15-BS576TX which has an Intel HD 620 Integrated Graphics and AMD Radeon 520 discrete/dedicated graphics using dynamic switching with no hardware muxxer. In Debian, it works. In Linux, it works using "vga_switcheroo" for Intel/AMD and Bumblebee/Optimus...
  2. Harmnot

    Solved Failed startx on nvidia optimus

    i have a difficult thing to set up Xorg on my laptop nvidia optimus, Allienware M11x R3 Intel i7-4xxx Nvidia gt 540M and intel driver Ram 8 GB When i install Xorg on Freebsd and startx It failed I tried to create spesicif driver to enable just one driver because my laptop cant run both driver on...
  3. priyadarshan

    FreeBSD on recent Lenovo Thinkpad W541

    I would like to share my experience in trying to have a working Xorg on FreeBSD, on a recent (August 2015) Lenovo Thinkpad w541. The laptop model I tried it on has a Intel Quad Core i7-4810MQ cpu (Intel HD Graphics 4600) and Nvidia card. The gist of it: FreeBSD installs fine, but Xorg will not...