1. F

    Proxmox | Cloud-Init initialization using FreeBSD VM QCOW2 image

    Hello! I managed to successfully clone the FreeBSD images for versions 12.3 and 13.0 but I have two small issues with the "FreeBSD - cloudinit" combination. Specifically, I intend to activate the `sshd` service from the first boot and set the root user password. The lines below do exactly the...
  2. N

    create openbsd image using FreeBSD build server

    Hi, I have FreeBSD 12 VM running on my Openstack cloud, I would like to create OpenBSD image from source from same FreeBSD VM using build release. Is it possible to create OpenBSD 6.7 qcow2 image from FreeBSD 12.1 build host? Thanks in Advance, Niks
  3. M

    OpenStack hosted on FreeBSD

    Hi there :) Someone has demonstrated for a while running OpenStack hosted on FreeBSD 11. Described right here For me that sounds awesome. I would like to have a similar setup now with FreeBSD 11 XEN and hosting OpenStack on Dom0. The minimum goal is to run FreeBSD as an Nova Compute Running...
  4. N

    Solved FreeBSD 10.3 VM - Installation on Openstack

    Hi, I am trying to install FreeBSD 10.3 VM on openstack(ice house), I converted the VMDK to raw image and create the glance image. 1) The image boots perfectly but when I reboot the VM , VM halts at following message hpt27xx: no controller detected. hptrr: no controller detected. hptnr: no...
  5. amiramix

    OpenStack on bhyve?

    Just reading about OpenStack, in particular about supported hypervisors. Is there any technical reason why bhyve isn't on that list or is it just a matter of it being too young, immature or a lack of time/interest from the community?
  6. neogeo

    Cloud Computing with OpenStack, AWS, and the FreeBSD AWS AMI - A Short Overview

    Though it diverges topically towards a primarily Linux-oriented architecture -- topically, as towards the origins of the Xen Project, the Xen Hypervisor, and concepts of software defined networking (SDN) with the Xen framework, as Xen being a project developed originally in the Linux developers...