1. Machiaveli

    Status of openssl 3.x and possible network services breakages

    Hello all, Does any of you has network services breakages after upgrading from openssl 1.1.x to 3.x? If so, did you overcome them? I'm mainly thinking of apache (2.4 branch), mail services (dovecot, postfix, exim, etc.), bind/unbound daemons. Asking so before setting up a dedicated test server...
  2. stephen.wall

    OpenSSL 3.0 in base system

    OpenSSL 3.0 has been out nearly a year now, and is up to 3.0.5, and thus far I see no evidence in the FreeBSD git repos of any work being done to update the version in the base system. Is there any plan for this? Is 14 development too far along to target for this update? I note that FreeBSD...