1. andersbo87

    make checksum-recursive in java/openjdk12 results in fetching py-django111 using the wrong flavour (py36 instead of py27)

    I am trying to install java/openjdk12. As part of doing that, I prefer to run make checksum-recursive to fetch the required distfiles before attempting to install the port using ports-mgmt/portmaster (I prefer to download the required distfiles one by one rather than multiple ones at the same...
  2. dinsdale

    Solved DTrace, OpenJDK12

    Hi, I'm running minecraft server on an older 32 core AMD server. I've been running 1.12.2 successfully for some time now and any given Minecraft instance only uses a fraction of a percent of CPU time with no users, and usually only a percent or two with 2-3 users. I've started running...