1. sk8harddiefast

    OpenIndiana - Illumos future?

    I want to install for Angie's computer, OpenIndiana. In the past I used for a little OpenSolaris and was just wonderfull. Αngie don't do a lot of things but it's ok. Because of me, knows very well what Unix is and how works. Uses Libreoffice, watch Youtube videos, listen music and read-create...
  2. G

    RAID-1 using NetBSD OpenBSD OpenIndiana

    Wanted to use two 1TB USB drives using RAID-1. My choices are NetBSD 6.0, OpenBSD 5.1 (5.2 wasn't released a few days ago) and OpenIndiana. I did not try FreeBSD. After a few failed attempts of trying raidframe on NetBSD I gave up, although I did actually have it setup according to the...