1. T out of date

    Hello, I saw that the frequently linked has up to date source code for all the other BSDs, but FreeBSD appears to be stuck in 2013. While I do realize that there are alternative OpenGrok servers I wonder if anyone has contact information or the owner of this website even reads here...
  2. Farhan Khan


    OpenGrok is an unmaintained package and at least for me did not seem to work out of the box. After a bit of struggle, I got it working in a Jail. Would this be a useful guide to the community? I should add, it was saving some files to /var/ rather than somewhere in /usr/local. This might be...
  3. fnoyanisi

    Configuring OpenGrok on FreeBSD

    Hi there, I have installed devel/opengrok which installs www/tomcat as a requirement along with other software. I am able to connect the tomcat server from port 8180, but I absolutely have no idea about how to configure OpenGrok. The EXAMPLE installation steps given on OpenGrok git repository...