openbsd vs freebsd

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    bhyve Bhyve VMs network speed test: OpenBSD 3x slower than FreeBSD?

    Hi, Host machine: FreeBSD 14.0 Got two bhyve VMs; OpenBSD 7.4 VM and FreeBSD 14 VM. Tried to have a network test from host machine to both VMs with iperf3, the results were interesting. From host machine to FreeBSD VM: FreeBSD VM brings a speed of; Transfer: 7.07 GBytes - Bitrate: 6.08...
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    Getting FQDN hostname registered in central company DNS, DC02.AD.COMPANY.COM (OpenBSD works, but Debian+FreeBSD does not)

    Dear FreeBSD users, how can I get my FreeBSD hostname registered in the central dns (DC02.AD.COMPANY.COM) at my workplace? My FreeBSD box gets an ip from the dhcp, but it's hostname is not registered at the central dns (so others can look up the ip by knowing the domain name). But when I...