1. Rastko

    Server down, can't repair

    So I had my server up and running for two months. It's a home computer Dell Optiplex (or something) with Pentium 4. Well, it did not actually make it two months. After a month and some, I could not log in. When I hooked up a keyboard and monitor, I've realised it won't go past the boot loader...
  2. aragats

    Older version of a port?

    Is it possible to get an older version of a port? I'll explain why I need it. I built sysutils/u-boot-beaglebone and discovered an issue when I use it with BeagleBone Black. I checked the version: now it's u-boot-2019.04. However, the official FreeBSD 12.0 image for the BBB comes with...
  3. EoflaOE

    Non-system disk on non-UEFI systems when booting from USB

    I would like to try FreeBSD after I tried out Linux. I have tested FreeBSD earlier on VirtualBox, and it succeeded. I have created my FreeBSD USB using dd as my first attempt on Kali Linux, following the tutorial. I have used FreeBSD-13.0-CURRENT 2019/2/28 memstick.img as my release for testing...