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  1. Y

    ThinkPad W540/W541 can't disable Nvidia K2100M use acpi_call

    hi,all My laptop is ThinkPad W541,it have two graphics card -- intel graphics card and nvidia graphics card(Quadro K2100M), you can't disable anyone of them in BIOS.:( My FreeBSD version is 11.1, I want disable nvidia graphics card like use bbswitch in Linux,so i found acpi_call package in...
  2. jjjesss

    Turn Off Nvidia Quadro 4200

    Hi all: I'm struggling with this problem and I'm not able to fix it. In order to get the maximum power saving I followed the instructions of this well known article: https://wiki.freebsd.org/TuningPowerConsumption But I can't turn off the nvidia chip. My laptop is a Thinkpad T420s with and...