nvidia 535

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    Trying to get GTX 980 working with Xorg

    Hey guys, I'm currently installing freebsd in a kvm virtual machine, with a gtx 980, however, I'm unable to get Xorg working as it errors with "no screens found (EE)" when i try startx. Currently, I have done: pkg install nvidia-driver nano /etc/rc.conf -> added the line...
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    Nvida Drivers Not Detected? I May Be Stuck In a Frame Buffer

    Now by now I have learned my lesson NEVER to buy a laptop with an Nvidia graphics but I am stuck with this for now. So I am running a Dell Precision 7510 with an Nvida Quadro M1000M. I am using the 535 driver. I installed it through pkg. I have some issues that I believe are mostly connected...