1. NapoleonWils0n

    Solved libc6-shim-20240512 ffmpeg nvenc working but issues with obs and handbrake

    the libc6-shim package installs a program called nv-slgrun which can be used with various applications to enable nvenc encoding and cuda for example osb studio, ffmpeg, handbrake, blender nv-slgrun was working with the nvidia 535 driver which let you use nvenc encoding with obs studio and...
  2. julien40

    general/other cuda no longer works on blender or ffmpeg with nv-sglrun

    Hi, error with ffmpeg: $ nv-sglrun ffmpeg -i GOLDENEYE_t00.mkv -vcodec hevc_nvenc -acodec copy test.mkv hevc_nvenc @ 0xbd0cdade400] dl_fn->cuda_dl->cuInit(0) failed -> CUDA_ERROR_OPERATING_SYSTEM: OS call failed or operation not supported on this OS [vost#0:0/hevc_nvenc @ 0xbd0cda35380] Error...
  3. NapoleonWils0n

    obs studio nvenc encoding with nv-sglrun need a bit of help

    I'm trying to get obs studio working with nvenc encoding on my dell xps 15 2019 using nv-sglrun, which should be possible according to this post on bugs.freebsd.org "At the moment there are no native FreeBSD versions of libcuda.so/libnvidia-encode.so/libnvcuvid.so, so to actually use NVENC we...