1. NapoleonWils0n

    Solved fstab nullfs on zfs dataset boot order

    i have a zfs video dataset that is mounted in my home directory, and i want to mount it using nullfs to the video directory in a Linuxulator chroot i can manually mount the directory from the host into the chroot the issue is the zfs datasets are mounted later in the boot process than the...
  2. Alain De Vos

    Backup userdata & etc config data in one go.

    This is more a trick. The power of mounting nullfs filesystems is underrated. I configured my PC for a separate zfs filesystem /usr/home How to take incremental snapshots ? Incremental snapshots use very little diskspace so you can run them easily every 30 minutes. The script below takes such an...
  3. danbanta

    jails Mounting nullfs in jails causes empty directories for parent mount

    Good morning, evening, or afternoon. I currently treat my jails as stateless. I do this by mounting host zfs datasets into the jail using nullfs to store state. Sometimes this leaves the data directory on the host empty although the data is present. Why do I see this behavior? What am I doing...
  4. yayj

    Solved How to share a regular file between jails

    As far as I know, nullfs(5) is useful for sharing an existing and mounted directory between jails. I can edit fstab(5) file of each jails: /path/to/be/shared /usr/jails/foo/path/shared nullfs ro 0 0 /path/to/be/shared /usr/jails/bar/path/shared nullfs rw 0 0 But it seems probably true that...
  5. D-FENS

    Solved Binaries get rewritten at jail start with unionfs

    I am working on a solution for mass jails deployment based on ZFS datasets and unionfs. A jail template is created by extracting base archive into the dataset. Then the dataset is mounted read-only in all the jails' roots and each jail has its own lean dataset, where only the deltas are stored...
  6. J

    Solved Do nullfs mounts count toward disk usage?

    This is probably a very simple, bordering on stupid, question; so apologies for that. Do nullfs mounts (of host filesystems) within a jail count toward actual disk usage? If I mount a host filesystem in a jail as a read-only nullfs, doing du on the jail includes the (size of the) mounted...
  7. hoppel

    Usage of nullfs inside a Jail / Hack 88 / allow_mount_nullfs

    Hi! I've got the 88 character limitation for the fstab entry. It seems the problem will be solved in FreeBSD 12.x maybe in 2019. How can I use nullfs inside a jail? Thats my fstab entry for the jail. It mounts the specific blog domain to the Wordpress jail...
  8. klu

    Solved is this a bug? nullfs mount yields inconsistent source/target subfolder

    This is driving me crazy - I'm nullfs mounting a folder from /data to $HOME/data. The source /data folder has three subfolders: [john@host ~]$ ls -la /data total 27 d-wxrwx--x 5 root wheel 5 Feb 4 10:32 . drwxr-xr-x 19 root wheel 26 Feb 4 10:15 .. drwxr-x--- 2 john media 3...
  9. T

    Solved noatime and nullfs

    Hi, How does atime behave with nullfs? If the underlying file system is not mounted with noatime how will a nullfs mount behave?
  10. J

    Solved Access main host zpool from FreeBSD Jail

    I have a FreeNAS box and want to create a FreeBSD jail for custodial scripts to manage files on various datasets in my main zpool. I want the jail to be able to move files across datasets so I would prefer to not mount via a network share. I want to put these scripts into a jail so I can install...