1. subnetspider

    Which DNS server software?

    Hello everyone, I want to migrate my current DNS server from a Windows Server to FreeBSD. The DNS server should have the following features: Authorative DNS (for my Internal network only) Resolving DNS High Availability So far I have found named (aka. BIND9) and nsd + local-unbound as...
  2. D

    SRV records with NSD and Unbound

    Hi All, I am trying to create SRV records in the NSD zonefile for network services. Is this possible with NSD and Unbound running on FreeBSD 11.2? The format I am using looks like this: ;SRV Records _cisco._tcp IN SRV 10 10 5060 cpub.example.com. _login._tcp...
  3. J

    PF redirection from a port to another

    Hi there, I'm too new to BSD and pf so I can't accomplish the following task and receiving generic "syntax error", maybe because of tables or macros. Here's the scenario: a server in DMZ with unbound (serving as resolver to other machines in DMZ) and NSD (authoritative for an Internet domain)...
  4. selflessscoundrel

    NSD configuration for Authoritative name server

    Ok, so I am having weird issues with NSD. I thought they were firewall issues but my pf rules seem good. To rule out firewall issues, I disabled pf and installed nsd on the main server instead of in any kind of jail. Once I have my config and zone file set, I run service nsd start and when I...
  5. olafz

    dns/nsd: IPv6 problem

    Hello *, in my nsd.conf I have configured: server: # Number of NSD servers to fork. Put the number of CPUs to use here. server-count: 1 ip-address: ip-address: 2a00:1a28:1157:35c::8c7d outgoing-interface: 2a00:1a28:1157:35c::8c7d...