1. Sivan!

    Solved Command to deinstall and reinstall an application installed from git

    I am somewhat familiar with the install and uninstall processes by pkg and ports, installed Community Solid Server from the git, please point me to the proper method of completely removing and reinstalling this application, installed with the commands: git clone...
  2. cybermerlin

    nodejs npm install (core dumped)

    on FreeBSD 10.2 #cd /var/www/ #npm install # неверная инструкция (core dumped) #npm -v # неверная инструкция (core dumped) #node -v # неверная инструкция (core dumped) How can I fix? #pkg v|grep npm # npm-3.9.2 = #pkg v|grep node # node-6.2.1_3 =
  3. H

    Node.js based ports : how do you handle the npm install?

    Hello, I have been trying to make a port for NodeBB, a forum software using Node.js. Once the project has been fetched, you also need to install dependencies (a lot of them) using the npm install command. But when building with poudriere, you have access to the network only during...
  4. T

    castnow stopped working

    castnow stopped working after I upgraded node and npm to latest versions. When I start it it goes laubching, ready, idle. On my Chromecast screen I see the red YouTube logo. Then nothing more happens until castnow says "lost connection". Details: root@kg-core1# uname -a FreeBSD