1. grahamperrin

    Solved Alerts in response to naming people

    Someone wrote: If I recall correctly: a person receives an alert only if their @name is used in the first edition of a post. An anti-spam measure. I'll test, by naming someone in a second edition of this post. smithi
  2. Pierre-Marie Baty

    Howto: be notified of FreeBSD upgrades, security updates and package updates at login

    Hello all FreeBSD users, At the invitation of Crivens, I repost here the little script I've come up with and which received improvements from the community (thanks SirDice, unitrunker, emmex). Context: the idea was to obtain information about FreeBSD upgrades, security updates and package...
  3. Pierre-Marie Baty

    Shell Here's a way to be informed about updates at login

    Hello all, Allow me to share some useful scriptlet with you. It's something I find has been lacking for years for the average self-hosted FreeBSD user like me who occasionally logs in to his server to check if everything's going well, perform package upgrades etc, and wants to stay up to date...