1. Sergei_Shablovsky

    How to flash LEDs on copper ETH RJ-45 NIC's port by shell script?

    Hi, FreeBSD Gurus! How to flash LEDs on copper ETH RJ-45 NIC's port by shell script? I need to physically identify certain port on back of my servers with a lot of NICs each of them have 2-4 ETH ports. For now I find this solution (on StackExschange, not tested) but may be You propose a much...
  2. Sivan!

    What do I to have more than one IP address in my computer?

    While trying to understand if it is possible for me to have more than one IP address in my computer (I don't even have one that is static at the moment), I found the discussions on this thread which seems to say: 1. Does this mean that it is possible to have multiple IP addresses mapped to a...
  3. N

    Solved HP 10G 554FLR driver

    Any chance someone here knows what driver I should be looking for. I've never tried freebsd and I'm wanting to give it a shot but the first thing is that it didn't see the 10G card in the server. I need to use the 10G card and not one of the 1G NICS the installer found. Thank you for any help...
  4. G

    are 2gb nics supported?

    Newbie here and getting ready to install for first But is there a list of supported nic cards? I have a 2gb network in my house and I need a buy a new nic for a workstation I am building and need to know what 2gb nics are support? Can i use any nic that supports Linux or is there a way to see...
  5. Buck

    Lenovo ThinkSystem SR665 FreeBSD compatibility

    This one. What I'd like to know if there are any potential pitfalls before I get one. The intention is to run some kind of virtualization, like ESXi or Proxmox and one of the guest OSes is going to be...
  6. B

    TPLink TX401 not recognized?

    So technically I'm running TrueNAS, but I was hoping I could still get some help here since its still FreeBSD. I'm trying to connect my computer to my network using a 10GB Network card, but it seems to be having a few little issues. I think maybe its just not recognizing it? Or it might need...
  7. T

    NIC not detected during FreeBSD 13.0 RELEASE Installation

    Not sure if this is in the right section but I have this motherboard with a 1x Intel® I225-V 2.5Gbps NIC. I couldn't configure IPv4 during install, kept saying no devices to config or something along those lines. Is this NIC supported? I have linux installed and using this NIC but I really would...
  8. R

    Not able to ping, "ping: host is down".

    Hi, I installed FreeBSD on an old computer, which has a 3com 3C900-COMBO NIC. The problem here is that it looks like it detects the NIC, and installs the driver for it, which is called "xl", but unfortunately, it doesn't look like the interface is working properly. This is because I've got a Hub...
  9. K

    Solved Acer Nplify 802.11b/g/n

    I have been searching this forum and subsequently, everywhere else I can think of, concerning this wireless NIC and have found, essentially, nothing. I DID see a mention that this might be a Broadcom unit, but have found nothing definitive about that yet. According to the info I got this...
  10. Sergei_Shablovsky

    How to see which NIC is installed in which PCI slot by script ?

    Hi, FreeBSD guru! Is it possible at all to see which NIC is installed in which PCI slot by script ? As I know this may be something near the dmidecode and pciconf commands. But interesting to determine which exactly motherboard PCI slot are used for which NIC. I know that different...
  11. macosxgeek

    Very slow network connection on Intel em0 card (82540EM Gigabit Ethernet Controller)

    Hi, I'm running FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p9 on dedicated server at Hetzner. The NIC adapter I have on my server: em0@pci0:0:4:0: class=0x020000 card=0x11001af4 chip=0x100e8086 rev=0x03 hdr=0x00 vendor = 'Intel Corporation' device = '82540EM Gigabit Ethernet Controller' class...
  12. C

    ConnectX-2 (MHQH29C-XTR) in FreeBSD 11.2?

    Hey everyone, I am wondering if the dual port connectx-2 would work in FreeBSD 11.2? If so, would it simply be plug in the NIC and use it or would I have to compile the driver. I have heard that the single port version works in FreeNAS without any tinkering (plug it in, set an IP, and use it)...
  13. H

    Lights on motherboard turned off (including NIC)

    I build packages from ports. I use synth upgrade-system for that. The system itself is updated via cronjob `@daily root freebsd-update cron`. Sometimes I reboot / shutdown my PC. Recently I've noticed that no led indicators on the back pane of motherboard are...
  14. A

    BXE 10Gb NIC Help

    I'm translating this over from the pfSense forum, since it appears to be more of an issue with FreeBSD. ( I have had my pfSense router working flawlessly for over 60 days now running 2.3.3 (FreeBSD 10.3). I tried to upgrade on several...
  15. T

    Intel I210 NIC and bhyve

    Hello, It seems that hardware offloading doesnt work with Intel I210 NIC and bhyve. I had to disable the hardware offloading to make the host talk to the vm via ssh. Further details are here. Is this a known limitation of this NIC? Thanks
  16. spmzt

    Not recognizing network adapter driver

    Hi, FreeBSD does not recognize my network interface card. Any idea? I am using ASUS z170-k as a motherboard.