1. D

    Solved IP traffic from host to netgraph VM invalid

    I created a ng_bridge with link0 and link1 connected to my physical devices lower and upper. I then created a bhyve VM with a netgraph virtio-net device that is connected to link2. Here is `ngctl dot` to help visualize it: Here is ngctl commands I issued: msg re0: setpromisc 1 msg re0...
  2. PKraszewski

    Shell ngctl msg node: setopt ... bails with error

    Hello! I'm struggling with ngctl to enable SO_REUSEPORT on ksocket(inet/dgram/udp). Node ID as absolutely correct, I can both bind and connect - but I can't setopt. # node: is of type ksocket inet/dgram/udp # Works ngctl msg node: bind inet/ # Works ngctl msg node: connect...
  3. F

    Solved Jails with IP from DHCP?

    Afternoon all, On my home network I have three VirtualBox VMs that I would like to condense into a single VM, this single VM would have three jails each running a service. Currently each VM has a VirtualBox bridged adaptor, on my router I see each VM having its own MAC address, and the router...