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    Netgraph/Netflow Export to Andrisoft Wanguard

    Hello, I am setting up a FreeBSD server to act as a router/firewall for an ISP that is experiencing a DDoS attack. All services are up and running smoothly, but now I need to configure a flow packet exporter for an attack detector to monitor link turnovers and take real-time protection...
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    PF I loose connectivity to freebsd firewall after i enable Netflow on lagg0

    Hi all I`m trying to monitor the traffic of the firewall using netflow following the steps on the below article everything works fine ,however everytime i add lagg0 by entering this...
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    Exporting netflow for multiple interfaces & duplication

    I am running FreeBSD as a router at home. It has the following interfaces: igb0: connected to my cable modem igb1: wired LAN wlan0: wlan AP, Routing rules allow the wired and wireless subnets to communicate with each other and route to the Internet. I'm currently...
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    NetFlow v9 exports (ng_netflow) missing MAC addresses

    I need MAC addresses (IN_SRC_MAC and OUT_DST_MAC fields) in NetFlow v9 exports. Has there been a change since this post from year 2013? Packet capture of sent Netflow template: Cisco NetFlow/IPFIX Version: 9 Count: 23 SysUptime: 1117945.000000000 seconds Timestamp: Jun 28, 2017...