nfs mount fstab

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    Solved Error mounting nfs from /etc/fstab

    Hi, From a Linux box, I've exported a directory that should be mounted inside a jail subdirectory. In the Linux (server) box: # grep incomi /etc/exports /partilha_casa/partilha_mldonkey/incoming,rw,sync,no_subtree_check,root_squash) In the FreeBSD (client) box...
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    NFS Mount Problem

    Hello, I have a problem, with my NFS mounting... I have 3 servers, 2 FreeBSD and 1 windows, Storage server running FreeBSD 10.1-Stable and NFS Windows running Windows Fileshare and DFS and worker FreeBSD running 10.3-RELEASE I can NFS/DFS mount my storage server on the Windows server, but I...
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    mount NFS share before log on

    Hello, Is there a way to automate the mount of an NFS share during the OS startup, but before the log in? Currently I am using mount -v x.x.x.x:/nfsshare /mnt/nfsshare, which I am guessing needs some tweaking before it could be added to fstab? (not even sure if fstab is where it needs to go)...