nfs client

  1. G

    NFS mount issue "Identifier removed"

    Hello, Not sure if this topic is for here or for the storage section. I have mounted NFS via fstab with the following parameters: /usr/local/www/someshare nfs rw,nolockd 0 0 Trying to copy recursive directory with many files ends with error "cannot create file"...
  2. nielsk

    NFS cache misses after upgrading to 11.1 from 10.3

    Recently I upgraded a machine from 10.3-Prerelease to 11.1-release. Since then I see a huge difference in nfs cache misses, especially getattr-misses compared to identical configured machines that are still on 10.3. When I do an nfsstat -m the options are identical. This leads too less...
  3. F

    NFS client hangs all the time when I enter large directory

    Hi All, I have been facing a strange problem on AWS, where I created a large FreeBSD NFS server, with the below configuration. My throughput to writing a file is 600-800 Mbps and reading files are much higher. I have no issues with throughput, but the problem is with while accessing a folder...