1. Hornpipe2

    UFS newfs -j: "Journal file fragmented"

    I have a 300gb external HDD that I am trying to partition entirely for FreeBSD, then format with UFS filesystem. I am using newfs -j option to enable Soft Updates + Journal, but getting the warning message "Journal file fragmented" after the format is complete. # gpart show /dev/da0 =>...
  2. A

    Solved Cluster size limit in newfs_msdos(8)

    FAT32: Maximum cluster size for FAT32 is 256K. Windows: Microsoft documentation and related blogs are all over the places. They generally state that max is 64K -- they rarely mentioned 256K. I've read somewhere clusters larger than 64K in Windows may cause problem for calculating space (in some...
  3. Chris_H

    UFS GPT: secondary header gets rewritten after reboot

    OK I'm tracking CURRENT, where I have this issue. But I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that it's CURRENT. As writing the headers/tables on an 11 box, results in the same error after rebooting with the drive in the CURRENT box. Specifics; Only occurs on USB connected drives --...
  4. Areeb Qaisar

    Format to UFS2 using newfs, in installation

    Hello, I have a UEFI System with GPT Partition Table. During the installation of FreeBSD 11, I need to format a partition to UFS2. The FreeBSD installer does not allows to format an existing partition. It instead only allows to create a new partition, which will be then be formatted. Is...