1. B

    Solved networkmgr - no connection until reboot

    So I have installed net-mgmt/networkmgr There's a lack of documentation, though that could just be me. It seems to be a collection of python scripts and a sudo configuration file which get installed in /usr/local/etc/sudoers.d I found the odd historic thread mentioning doas, but it now...
  2. base9

    WPA_Supplicant: Permission Denied

    Hi all, It's been a minute since I've been on any of the *BSD's on my main machine so please forgive me if I'm misusing any terminology: I'm currently running networkmgr 6.1_1 on FreeBSD Release 13.1 and I'm having a permission error with wpa_supplicant when using the gui to connect to an open...
  3. B

    Networkmgr-3.6 is not starting when my desktop starts

    Hi, I installed and tried to step up networkmgr on my laptop. NetworkMgr is not starting when my desktop starts. Current setup: Gnome Version 3.28.2 on FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE amd64 Thanks for your advice. Steps done: 1- pkg install networkmgr 2- creation of doas.conf as requested on the log...
  4. P

    Solved networkmgr doesn't display network informations

    Hi, I run FreeBSD 11-RC3 and I have installed networkmgr from this link But after install, the icon in systray doesn't display any information about my wired connection. How to fix it?