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  1. A

    ISCSI incompatibility with Starwind ISCSI initiator (TRUENAS)

    Hello everyone, I am writing here because I didn't got any help for this so far. I am using TrueNAS core (FreeBSD based) with iSCSI service as server, and the other side Windows with MS iSCSI initiator on 10 Gbit ethernet. I would like to test the only(?) other option for initiator, the...
  2. clem16

    Other iSCSI Syntax for multiple TargetAddresses in /etc/iscsi.conf

    I am looking for the correct way to list multiple IP addresses in /etc/iscsi.conf My storage server has both ipv4 (static) and ipv6 (ULA & GUA) assigned. I'd like to set order of use to be: 1: IPV6 ULA 2: IPV6 GUA 3: IPV4 Static That way: - 1: If I am on my local network I can connect with...
  3. grep2grok

    Solved Migrating 12TB to ZFS over iSCSI. 1000BASE-T is averaging 11.7 MB/s?

    My colleague needs to migrate his 12 TB dataset off his institute's SAN so I built a zfs pool with three 2x mirrors of 6TB SATA drives in a Dell Precision T7400. The machine has a 1000BASE-T NIC, and the whole route is ostensibly gigabit. This transfer should take 30 hours, but instead may end...