network driver

  1. christhegeek

    Any help with the integrated Intel 82579LM Ethernet Adapter ?

    Any help with the integrated Intel 82579LM Ethernet Adapter ? It doesn't seem to work , i have ordered a new pci ethernet card anyway and its possible to arrive until the end of the week , this ethernet chipset is awful !
  2. S

    Intermittent Packets drop on ixl interface and ixl hung issue may happen due to an unsupported driver !!!

    We have faced a packet drop issue in a h/w box that is using FreeBSD 11.2. We observe some logs that may be relevant to this issue : Note: The issue mainly happens after the box reboot and after 2-3 days issue got auto-recovered. > The Impacted interfaces ixl4 (P1) & ixl5 (P2) output: {P2 is...
  3. K

    CARP puts the interface in promiscuous mode

    Hi, I would like to use CARP, but noticed that when CARP is configured on an interface, promiscuous mode is enabled. I had to check the source and sure, these lines are included: if ((error = ifpromisc(ifp0, 1))) return (error); I'm not that eager to have promiscuous mode enabled for...
  4. X

    Network controller driver for Mediatek Corp 5961

    Hi, Is there a guide/example develop a network driver for Freebsd. I newly installed Freebsd on my Asus Tuf 15 laptop. I can see recently this driver was added to linux-kernel here - Thanks, Shivam