network addres translation

  1. icaksh

    Solved bhyve network performance is horrible

    Hi, I have FreeBSD installed on virtual private server and has been used bhyve with vm-byhve but the guest os always get terrible network internet speed (avg. in 2 Mbps) than the host (avg. in 1 Gbps). I have tried using debian, alpine, and fedora coreos and it always got terrible network...
  2. angelvg

    PF PF NAT on internal interface with public IP on this

    Hello friends, I need configure one new BSD with PF to resolve this scenario... [ISP]------bnx0[BSD]bnx4------{LAN} ISP IPv4 bnx0 Gateway IPv4 <- ISP Public IP bnx4 IPv4 <- Our own pool of public's IP's alias...