1. S

    Netstat Statistics

    Hi all, could someone point me to a good place where I can read more about the details in the statistics shown by netstat -s? Would like to know more on "acks for unsent data" particularly. Also, is it normal to have large number for "acks for unsent data"? Here is the count for "acks for...
  2. Nicola Mingotti

    Is it possible to zero netstat -i ?

    Hi, as the title says, it would be practical for me to be able to zero the byte counter I can read from netstat -i -b -h. Do you know if this is at all possible ? bye Nicola
  3. P

    netstat -I output meaning

    [ec2-user@edipflackydtoi999 ~]$ netstat -I ixv0 -b Name Mtu Network Address Ipkts Ierrs Idrop Ibytes Opkts Oerrs Obytes Coll ixv0 1500 <Link#1> 0s:a2:66:8n:0f:5e 0 0 0 7403767425 0 0 0 0 ixv0 -...