1. alfa

    Solved How to enable RSS on igb i211 driver

    Hi i am trying to swicth suritaca NETMAP mode on FreeBSD 11.4 Release it requires RSS to work the number of netmap threads created depends on the number of RSS queues available on the NIC. The Intel I211 Ethernet Controller supports 2 Receive Side Scaling (RSS) queues. So how can i enable this...
  2. G

    Solved Intel i-350 series card RX and TX descriptors

    Hello to everyone! This is my first post, so I will appreciate any feedback on the post itself. So first about the environment. I am using a SuperMicro C2758 box, which has SuperMicro AOC-SGP-I4 network card installed (two of them). The card itself is intel i-350 series chipset based. Software...
  3. S

    Netmap in EC2

    Hello, all! I've been playing around with netmap successfully on various local machines but am having difficulties on EC2, specifically with FreeBSD 11. Using Collin Percival's 10.3 AMI, I'm able to add the netmap device, rebuild the kernel, and run netmap samples liked "bridge.c" However...
  4. pacman2011

    NetMap + Suricata = Broken Bridge?

    Howdy! I want to run Suricata in NETMAP mode on interface ix0, while bridging traffic from ix0 to ix1. The question is why does Suricata completely break the FreeBSD bridge when run in netmap mode, and more to the point, how should one configure Suricata to watch ix0 while also passing traffic...
  5. P

    pkt-gen unable work with three interfaces simultaneously in my free

    Hi, everyone: I recently under FreeBSD, want to achieve pkt-gen can send more traffic, because I did not ixgb card, only a plurality of igb, want to achieve produce 4,5Gbps flow test server. But I encountered some problems. 1. Open the first one process, works well, the flow reaches full...