1. ziomario

    Solved Ubuntu Budgie emulated with bhyve doesn't connect to internet because the error : network unreachable N. 2

    Hello. I'm trying to virtualize Linux Ubuntu with bhyve. I've reinstalled Ubuntu Budgie 21.04 using BHYVE_UEFI.fd,the problem that I have is that Ubuntu is not able to connect to internet. This is the script that I'm using : bhyvectl --vm=vm0 --force-reset bhyvectl --vm=vm1 --force-reset...
  2. Argentum

    Solved Wireshark build fails

    Hello, I am asking your help about Wireshark upgrade. I have old version installed: portversion -v wireshark [Reading data from pkg(8) ... - 1484 packages found - done] wireshark-3.4.0_1 < needs updating (port has 3.4.2) Now, when trying to upgrade the port, the configure ends...
  3. focaccio

    Unix and Linux - Network Subsystems

    Hi All, I'm a network engineer looking to better understand the network subsystem of FreeBSD (unix systems) and in particular how it differs from the linux kernel network subsystem. Any good links or books? I believe iproute2 (this is a package, not a subsystem, right?) is used by linux, so...